Bridges in Manitou

The bridges in Manitou Springs are infamous. They were built in the early 1900's, and have withstood floods and all sorts of fun things. They are crafted beautifully of large rocks and make the town what it is. They have inspired lots of artists, including me.

Manitou Springs is a little town in the grand Rocky Mountains, at the foot of Pikes Peak. It can be pretty touristy during summer months, just like any place else. The buildings are almost all really old, many are reported to be haunted. An example is Miramont Castle up Ruxton Avenue - many employees and guests have 'seen ghosts'.

Underneath Manitou runs mineral springs, which you can drink from in a few places throughout town. Each mineral spring has a different name. For example: Iron Springs has an abundance of iron (so much that it has completely rusted out the fountain and makes your mouth taste like blood). My favorite spring is called Seven-Minute Spring. This spring is located in Memorial Park on the east side of Manitou, behind City Hall. The water tastes like carbonated soda water, slightly sweet. It really quenches your thirst on a hot day.

Although town has all these beautiful sights, walking across one of the Manitou bridges across Fountain Creek captures all your senses...
You can smell the flowering trees on each side, drink some cold spring water as you bend over the edge to watch the water rush under you. You feel the old stones beneath your hands as you run them along the bridge, hear children laughing and birds chirping...ah! Beauty.

Maybe I'm just dramatic because...spring has sprung, happiness is here and the grass is green (finally!)

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