Memorial Park

Here in Manitou Springs, there is a beautiful park by the name of Memorial Park. It is located on El Paso Blvd. -- right off of Manitou Ave. On one corner of Manitou and El Paso, there is an old train engine that was used on Pikes Peak. On another corner, you will find City Hall, which is a large white building with flowers and a weeping willow out front. This is the only picture I could find of City Hall . . . it sucks, sorry.

There is a nice little trail that lets you walk along Fountain Creek, some great sculptures and some really cool wood carvings. Last and anything but least, my favorite mineral spring, Seven-Minute Spring, is located in this park.

One of the best things to do is pack a picnic lunch and take it to Memorial Park. Sit under one of the trees for shade while you eat. After lunch, you'll likely be a little bit thirsty, so take a short walk to Seven-Minute Spring. To get there, look uphill for a gazebo with a stone amphitheater. Walk toward it, and you will spot the fountain.

If anyone loves this park as much as I do, don't forget to comment!


Anonymous said...

It's a stupid park. I hate it.

Manda said...

Thanks, "Blogger."
You're my biggest fan...
[defeated sigh].