The Campers

Where I live, there is a campground right next to my backyard. A short stone wall acts as a dividing line. To make the wall higher, someone had the 'brilliant' idea of erecting an ugly yellow fence atop the stones. I do have to give this person credit, however, because the fence conceals me while I spy on the campers.

The little campsites are basically giant litterboxes. In fact, the neighbor cats really take advantage of them. The campground is in a valley, right next to Fountain Creek. An advantage? Not necessarily ... The wind is horrendous and often prunes the trees of all their heaviest branches right on top of the tents. Sometimes, the creek smells like sewer.

A couple days ago, a camper set up a tent that was bigger than one of the rooms in our house. This tent had a large porch as well. I haven't seen them since they set up the tent. Presumeably, they are still within it.

Spying has become boring, so I inspect my tulip.

FYI: Thanks for the beautiful picture of my tulip, Jeff!


Jeff said...

You're welcome! (And no, I didn't eat that tulip. Someone else did.)

Manda said...

-looks at you with my mouth full- Wha-? Oh, sorry, I was . . . uh, no I wasn't. Nevermind.